Thursday, March 4, 2010

Personality Styles in the Workplace

Every person has a NATURAL role that he/she fits into best in a work setting. That is not to say it always works out that way. But, in order to enjoy fulfillment in your job, and for your work to be prime productive, your strengths need to match your job. So, let's examine Who does What best...When they are in the right position.

Popular Sanguine: Creative Person
This type personality would best fit in a position that has a diversity of tasks. Also, having interaction with people is a plus. Being able to have the option of being creative with some tasks is also a plus.

Powerful Choleric: Leadership Person
These individuals would rather be a chief than an Indian. They have the ability to "size up" a situation and know how to solve it. They can see the "bigger" picture. They are very productive and need a challenge to keep them motivated.

Perfect Melancholy: Detail Person
These individuals LOVE details and accuracy. They are great at planning and details. They do not mind being alone and working quietly. Actually, they NEED quiet and lack of distraction. They are great organizers.

Peaceful Phlegmatics: Support Person
These individuals are the most versatile of all the personality types. They are the "peacemakers" in any position. They are pleasers and will do what they are told to do, but may need very specific directions and also may need motivation such as encouragement and praise. They do not mind mundane jobs that others may find boring or distasteful. They are agreeable and easy to work with.

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