Thursday, February 25, 2010

Capturing Hearts

I just returned from a wonderful three day seminar called "Capturing Kids Hearts". It is geared toward equipping teachers with tools to help manage their classrooms and alleviate discipline problems. The trainer was awesome. She really knew her stuff. All of the info. she gave was so valuable. Yet, if the attendees do not implement what they/we learned it will have been in vain. The seminar began with a day long of teambuilding...activities which bond the group together. This was done in order to model how important it is in a classroom to be a "team". Also, we were reminded over and over that without real, genuine care and concern for the kids we have in classrooms, then we can't really TEACH them. As Flip Flippen, the author of the Seminar states, You have to reach a kid's heart before you can reach their Head...and teach them.
I was reminded of how it is the same with PERSONALITIES. Unless you understand a person....esp. their emotional needs, you can't really LOVE them. Love includes sacrifice. That includes: time and effort. So, find out what makes your loved ones Tick....and find out what Ticks them OFF. Study them, learn to read them...then give them what they NEED. Fill their buckets with "emotional "
miracle grow, and you'll be surprised what will BLOSSOM before your eyes.

How do you do this?
Visible Clues. Watch, look, listen...

If they are loud, talkative, fun, outgoing etc. They are most likely
Playful Sanguine
Give them: Attention, Affection, Approval

If they are Leaders, risk takers, demanding, take charge. They are most likely
Powerful Choleric
Give them: Loyalty, Appreciation, Credit for hard work

If they are Detail oriented, list-makers, organizers, They are most likely
Perfect Melancholy
Give them: Sensitivity, Space, Silence, Support

If they are Laid back, not motivated, difficult to get going, relaxed. They are most likely: Peaceful Phlegmatic
Give them: Peace and Quiet, lack of stress, feelings of worth

Emotional needs are as important as air and water. A person must have them to thrive. Without the emotional needs met, a person can exist, but not THRIVE.

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