Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It was so much fun...plus an honor to get to spend with with Florence Littauer...THE MOTHER OF PERSONALITIES, in Fort Worth. This lady is truly a remarkable woman. One who is willing to share her knowledge and experience with the world, all because she cares and knows that learning about the Personalities makes such a difference in peoples' lives!!!!
I am involved in a Bible Study each Tuesday called "A Mother's Heart". It is targeted to mothers who are still in the "child-rearing" stages of their lives. Each week the mothers share their stories of triumphs...(potty training successes etc.) and tragedies (sibling rivilary etc.) More and more and more, I am convinced that in order to parent successfully, the child must be dealt with according to his distinctive personality. A one size fits all parenting style does not lead to successful, well-adjusted children. What makes one child "shout for joy" may cause another to "want to crawl under the carpet". So, I encourage you to STUDY your child...discover what motivates and what DEFLATES them...Feed their emotional garden with the proper food...(encouragement, recognition, fun, peaceful environment etc.) whatever fits them best...and watch your child GROW...as a result of what you SOW into their lives.