Thursday, August 6, 2009

School DAZE Personalities

There's no better place to see The Personalities in play than at WAL-MART.

It's time to shop for school supplies. Mom is already worn out before she gets to Wally with the kids. They rush over to the School Supply aisle...and HERE you see the REAL personality of children in ACTION.

Playful Sanguine: looks for "cute", decorative cover, and bright happy to be getting ready for school....excited...chatting with others about all the "cool" items available.

Powerful Choleric: Hurry up!!! Just get it...I need PAPER, PENCILS, MARKERS...that's all...that's fine!! Let's GO....I have things to do!!!

Perfect Melancholy: Looks at every item very careful. Examines the notebooks and checks to see how many pages in each. Makes sure the pencils and the pens are the EXACT thing requested on the school supply list. Checks and rechecks to see if everything is in the basket that was on the list. Goes back and checks ONE MORE time... just to MAKE SURE...everything is PERFECT.

Peaceful Phlegmatic: Leaning on the shopping basket. Says to mother, "I don't care just get something. It doesn't matter." While mom is picking out' everything...Peaceful Phlegmatic is "observing" what everyone else is doing...and is Actually, quite Content doing so!!!

The way a person is wired "shows up" in everything he/she does. Whether it is shopping for school supplies or groceries...The REAL personality is always there...prompting the individual to: Have a good time, hurry up, being very careful and deliberate, or Who cares..WHATEVER....

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