Monday, August 17, 2009

LIFE...after the BEACH!!!

You've got to love God's sense of humor.
And he indeed has one. Why else would he have created us so differently, yet expect us to live in harmony with one another? It's like the old song lyrics, "Some days are diamonds, some days are STONE". The diamond days are the ones where we can "look beyond" the behaviors of others and "consciously" reason within ourselves why "he or she" acted "such and such" way! The STONE days are the ones where we are "paralyzed" by another person's behavior. We simply CANNOT get past the behavior...itself. It leaves us totally Frustrated, Irritated, or just plain ANGRY. It is during these times that the understanding of the personalities can save us from a lot of frustration and strife. For example...After spending a week at the beach with my daughter, her friend, and one of my friends, we return back home to Dallas. My "hunk of burning love" was left alone for the week to care for himself...all alone!!! Well, I wish he would have struggled with this plight of being LEFT ALL ALONE. But, NO!!! Guess why??? He's CHOLERIC. Cholerics are FINE....and I do mean FINE being left alone. They are totally self-sufficient. They do not need other people to "talk to". Well, after a week at the beach I was full of information that I NEEDED to tell my hubby. So, when we got home...he greeted us at the door; helped us unload the car, asked, "how was the trip?" and before I could even answer he was off to "doing his own thing".
Now, years before in my marriage I would have smoldered for days and maybe even weeks with that seemingly "lack of interest" in me, his bride. However, I now, KNOW and can PREDICT with usually 100% accuracy what his reaction will be toward me when he has not seen me for one week or one year, it will always be the same. No surprises from the Choleric!! He is just not an emotional personality...His love and interest in me is just as great as the Sanguine guy who "can't get enough" of his wife after she has been gone for a week. It just happens that I married the CHOLERIC. Besides that........He's a great provider. I never have to worry if I am going to have food to eat or clothes to wear.....unlike Mr. Sanguine who spent all of his money while his wife was at the beach!!! Uh...well, I, myself am Sanguine...and I must admit, I spent some MONEY at the beach!!! Well, my Choleric husband hasn't gotten the credit card bill yet. Maybe that can be another post for another time. Arrrrhhhhh.....I hope he remembers how sweet I am and how much FUN I had at the beach!!! LOL


  1. As a Powerful Choleric/Popular Sanguine I totally understand.
    Sometimes my Perfect Melancholy want to give me ALL (did I say ALL?)
    the details when I ask a simple question. Which means I really just
    want a simple answer. I'd rather not get into those details. I've go
    (Choleric) things to do after all. And listening is so much of a
    distraction. I'm working on it-becoming a better listener. Perhaps I
    should consider that as one of my projects.
    Gail Showalter

  2. The last comment was not made by me, Marilyn. It was actually written by Gail Showalter...but, we couldn't figure out how to get her I posted it for her, and I couldn't Figure out how to get my name off the post. hahaha....Typical Sanguine, not wanting to "figure it out". hahaha
    Anyway, Gail has a great ministry to Single women. She also has a beautiful website. Check her out at

    You'll enjoy snooping around her site. lol
    That's what we Sanguines too!!!!