Thursday, January 21, 2010

Understanding Your Loved Ones

Your fun loving, out-going girl:
Realize she needs lots of people around
Recognize she thrives on new, creative activities
Understand that she will seek affection and attention, regardless of the consequences
Laugh with her and enjoy life together

Your serious, deep thinking girl:
Appreciate her ability to analyze everything
Understand she flees noisy, chaotic situations
Provide her a place of her own
Recognize her need for order and neatness
Accept her desire to not discuss her feelings

Your natural born leader:
Realize she doesn't need 'babying'
Provide something she can control
Recognize she thrives on projects, not relationships
Appreciate her ability to organize and accomplish her goals
Help her learn tact and diplomacy

Your calm, quiet peacemaker:
Spell out details on her responsibilities
Allow her time to rest and relax
Realize that she flees conflict and stress
Help her find an area of interest where she can excel
Understand she shows happiness in a reserved manner

What changes are you willing to make to enhance your relationships? How can you adjust your approach to create connections that count? What expectations of others will you change? by: Ruth Crow (reprinted)

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